Tunnel with me directly

To any of my locations

If you wish to peer with me at any location but you have no presence on the IXPs that I'm connected to, or feel that we would have much less latency if we connected directly, then I'd love to set up a tunnel with you (GRE prefferred as it carries IPv4 and IPv6, plus is managable through Netplan).

Contact me for details, as they have to be set up manually.

Please note that I will:

  • Export my prefixes (being 1x IPv4, and 4x IPv6). You can use tools like bgpq3 to check, and use automated filtering.
  • Import only your prefixes and reject anything else. All of these will be checked against the IRR registrations with bgpq3.

If you feel generous and wish to sponsor me some free transit there (I really don't use much at all), I'll gladly welcome it.