AS 204982

Daniël Mostertman (FinalX)

AS 204982 is run as a learning project/hobby of me, Daniël Mostertman. This mostly houses some anycast services on IPv6:

  • Anycast recursive DNS (including DoT and DoH).
  • Anycast authoritive DNS.
  • Some of my websites that are relatively stateless (like this one, and my main homepage).

I operate the following prefixes:

  • 2a07:1c44:5600::/39
  • 2a0e:46c3:100::/40
  • 2a0e:3bc0:fa00::/42
  • 2a0e:b107:240::/44

If you would like to peer with me and/or sponsor some transit, have a look at the other menu options. I welcome anyone.
You can also have a look at my PeeringDB entry.